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The Dead Live at Obama Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball on 2009-01-20

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The Dead Live at Obama Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball on 2009-01-20

Topics Todd H

Disc 1 : The Dead Set
01. Dancin' In The Streets
02. Uncle John's Band
03. Sugar Magnolia
04. Eyes Of The World
05. Crowd
06. VP Biden Speech
07. Tuning
08. The Wheel
09. Touch Of Grey
10. Box Of Rain
11. Obama Speech
12. Obama Dance With Wife
13. Dance & Back Ground Music

Collection TheDead
Band/Artist The Dead
Venue Obama Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball
Location Washington, DC

Source Audience
Lineage Unspecified


Reviewer: jjf47 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 20, 2013
Subject: you guys don't know what the fuck you're talking about!
you guys sound like fucking idiots! Non-political? Who the hell has been in office the decades while they were playing - Nixon, Reagan, Bush I - who was there for them to come out and support?

Other than Bobby and George McGovern, I can't really think of anyone, and we all remember what happened to Bobby, and I really wouldn't doubt if Nixon stole the White House from McGovern like Bush II did from Al Gore and John Kerry in 2000 and 2004 the way that election turned out.

Jimmy Carter beats all hell out of any of those pretenders who bought and sold America to corporate greed and by the people and for the people became what's in it for me.

You guys sound like you believe in the tight-ass hype spouted by the far right if you think the Dead were for the crap that those idiots stand for, especially nowadays, where me-ism is the norm and screw everyone else, except on election day, where our vote counts and then we're forgotten about the next day.

Corporate greed is socialism in its own form. Who bailed them out when went they fell? The government did. Yet it's socialism when the government helps those of us in need.

The Dead - Grateful or otherwise - were always for love peace and brotherhood and sisterhood for everyone not just for the selected few that it sounds like you would like to think only classify for such status because you happen to think they should or you don't happen to think should for whatever dumb-ass reason just because you happen to give friendship and love on a selected basis to the few who happen to fit in and think like you and are worthy of such an honor from you. Get your heads out of your asses and start thinking universal instead of just me me me all the time and what you can get out of life.

Whatever god you follow is universal - whether Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah - God is One. We are one.

You don't get anything out of life unless we all get something out of life at the same time. That was what the original idea of hippie was all about. the only problem with that was we didn't have the means or the wherewithal to see the dream come true when the Haight became a conclave for the young, the diggers tried, the free health medical clinic, a lot of people tried back in those days, in San Francisco and other places, Los Angeles, New York, London, just because it didn't work out the way we hoped didn't mean we didn't want it or believe in it, it just became beyond our control, like a mass woodstock, where no one had any place to go, and we couldn't take care of each other, and us against them took control, and it all fell apart.

what do you think it means when we say keep the dream alive? All for one and one for all? It's not just about me. It's all of us.

The Capitialist dream of making as much for me as I can and the hell with everyone else? That's not where it's at, my friends. Keeping the dream alive is we're all brothers and sisters in this world, and like we supposedly love and respect our own immediate families we should likewise love and respect everyone else in this world as brothers and sisters because we are all brothers and sisters. granted the world is not that way, we all know that, it was just a hippie dream, but that was the dream back in those days. it would have been nice if the world had seen life that way, but it didn't and it doesn't, but that is where peace and love begins, and keeping the dream alive is just that - keeping the dream alive.

If you don't see life that way, then you really don't get the true picture of the Grateful Dead and you're just trying to fit them into your way narrow way of seeing life rather than fitting yourselves into how the Grateful Dead or any of their counterparts since Jerry died saw or see life, or any of the old bands saw the "dream" back in those days, for that matter, and if you think Jerry was any other way, you really don't know or didn't know Jerry at all. The music spoke for itself. Taking a stand was in the music. Speaking out was in the music.

"All You Need is Love" "Give Peace a Chance"

"C'mon People now Smile on Your Brothers Everybody Get Together and Try to Love One Another Right Now."

Yes, it was a hippie dream, but it was our dream. Neil Young still talks about it. So do a lot of old hippies.

All I can say is give yourselves a brain transplant and get a new way of thinking and get yourselves together.

Peace & Love
Reviewer: micah6vs8 - favorite - January 1, 2011
Subject: The Dead, not The Grateful Dead
cous & yip , I am right there with you. Yet another reason to miss Jerry.

One star for MH subjecting me to this propaganda twice on their spring '09 tour.
Reviewer: cousinkix1953 - - January 1, 2011
Subject: Same here.
Jerry Garcia was never into doing partisan political events or working for a candidate! The GD concentrated on issues instead and created the REX Foundation to distribute their $$$.
Reviewer: yippierb - - December 31, 2010
Subject: I long for a saner time(or insaner with common sense)
I liked it when the Dead were expressly non political(save for the Columbia gig). Yes by their very existence they were political but that was rather cryptic. Jerry would be nixing these open endorsements of political candidates. what a fuckin shame! Shut up and play!...and not at a political event.
Reviewer: mouseman67 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 8, 2010
Subject: Thanks for the Show
A Great show on a memorable night.
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